I was looking through some "old" pictures (taken last month)... thought they'd be fun to post.

Rub-a-dub-dub. Two Bubs in the tub.

Sleeping Boy.

Baby Photo Book. Finally put pictures in it!


Anonymous said…
The twins fill up the sink don't they?
How sweet....all of them. I love the one of Samuel sleeping in his car bed. Adorable.
Wendy said…
Wow, they are cute! Amazing that one has so much hair and one is bald. So funny...I always think twins equals same and am daily reminded that it only means same belly, same birth.

Love that pic of them in the sink...the only thing the same! Love their differences friend.
Anonymous said…
Love them. Love you. :)


Shannon said…
Hey! I am soooooooooooooo happy that they are now one!!!!!! big boys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN AND MICHAEL!

Catherine said…
So cute, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing.

Miss you! Hope you're doing well. I'm staying at Meesh's for a while, so maybe we can catch up all together soon.


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