What does a mom do?

Ashleigh- I hope you don't mind but I had to use this here. I saw it on your blog and it actually helped me so much!

I have some friends who do wonder what I do with my days and with my time. I thought this was a great insight... and a little validation for why I can feel overwhelmed being a "mom"... it's hard work and a huge responsibility. It's also a joy and a pleasure. Thought this might encourage some new moms with single friends who might not "get it".


Caren said…
boy can I relate to this one! I have friends without kids who tell me they have no time to call, and all I want to say is, "Yah, right"! :) Thanks for the article!
Ashleigh said…
I don't mind at all, Jennifer! I came across it on an acquaintance's blog before posting it on mine. :)

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