Did you miss me?

Wow... it's been over a week since I've posted. Isn't that weird? We just got internet up and running yesterday and it's already managed to have a few hiccups that I'm hoping will sort itself out sooner rather than later... for my parents sake, not mine!

Samuel DID get into the school and we will be waiting to hear back from his teacher so we can work on Samuel's IEP. I can't believe my little one is going to be going to school!

Ian was really sick last week. His fever got up to a 104 with Tylenol and Motrin! He also broke out in a rash from head to foot. Thankfully he has recovered but now Michael has an ear infection! So we need to see ENT and see if we can get tubes put in sooner rather than later.

More and more boxes are being unpacked everyday. The kids are loving the space and have been running around outside. It's so wonderful to not have to worry about busy cars and streets and strangers.

Libby has an up and coming ballet "performance" this weekend and I'm excited to watch and see what she does during a typical class.

Well, I've spent 3 hours online. Yuck. I hate when that happens. With catching up on e-mails and doing all my administrative tasks that need to be done I end up being online for a while. This is what happens when you miss over a week online :)

I had all these wonderful things to write about and now I don't remember one of them. Oh well, maybe my brain will catch up with me over the course of the week so you can hear all my fabulous thoughts on life.

Oh, what, I'm pregnant?!
Blessings on this April Fool's Day.

No, I'm not pregnant. Just wanted to make sure you were really reading! Happy April 1st!


Caren said…
Jen, so happy for your sanity that you are not pregnant :) I'm glad you guys are loving your new place, and Grandma & Grandpa are so close! Yay! I hope your boys get to feeling better soon, and I know Samuel will LOVE school. Katy & Maire are loving their schools too...:)
Sarah said…
Hey girl. Missed you during your week off! Glad you are settling into the space and the move is done. Hope all the kiddos are unsick soon! Big hugs from this side of the pond xxx
haha! you're cute. i tried to pull that trick too!

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