All is Well.

Hello. Hope I didn't scare all of you by not posting. Michael's ear was infected and full of puss and they were able to clean it and put his tubes in. His cleft palate repair went by the book. I had meant to post but by the time we got to our room (where we had internet access) we were trying to get him settled and he started experiencing pain (so we were distracted) and the internet connection was soooooo slooooooow. By the time I got home that night I was just too exhausted to e-mail or post.

Michael and Mike came home the next day! He was in a Tylenol Codeine stupor for the day but was sleeping through most of it or staring at us with glassy eyes.

Michael is doing great! He's actually acting like himself today. Sweet and happy although a little more mellow than usual. His arms are in splints to keep him from shoving his hands down his mouth ( a favorite and comforting habit of his). His surgeons were both pleased with the results and he will have follow-up appts. within the month.

I got an hour and a half of sleep the night before the surgery. I had a lot of stomach discomfort and I must confess a little anxiety regarding the procedure. I was so happy that all went well and now we're on the other side in recovery mode.

One of the things we've noticed is that he can actually hear. He's talking more and is so excited by noise. It's amazing the difference. Our orthotics doctor (helmet) told us we would bring home a different child... he was right. I can't believe the difference.

Please pray that the Lord would help us in regards to oral feeding and such.

The kids come home today. I'm picking up from the Napiers in a few short hours.

Mike and I were recounting our blessings yesterday: Pretty AMAZING!!!!

-we were GIVEN a car! My aunt and uncle just outright gave us their surburban. Another working vehicle. Praise the Lord!
-Mike got his pay-check.
-we were given the day yesterday to recover.
-his swelling and puffiness has gone down.
-the Lord has provided financially for us through gifts from friends.
-surgeries went great
- Samuel has survived the winter and allergy season
-Ian is a healthy eater.
-Samuel is loving school and we are excited to see the progress we know he will make.
-Libby has been sweet and supportive as ever. She has been so loving to all of her brothers.

So we are blessed and so thankful.


Caren said…
I must confess, I was a little worried, but I knew that if there was bad news, you would have posted to ask us to pray. I'm so glad that everything is over, and now he just needs to recover! Yay! I'm praying for you all!!!
Anonymous said…
Praise the Lord!

Sarah said…
Great news!
Meagan Hooper said…
You've continually been in my prayers! I figured 'no news is good news'... I pray that he takes to real food quickly... love you
Meagan Hooper said…
Hey friend... this is jessica. Don't know why it says Meagan?!
Jennifer said…
Jess, it's probably because Meagan H. was using your computer last? I just put 2 and 2 together. hope you're well.



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