So what are some of your Favorite things????


My favorite things - just a few:

1. laughing with my son
2. the smell of fresh mint
3. the rare meal that exhibts good manners and that I can count the times I get up to get something on only ONE hand.
4. looking around at a straightened up home before I go to bed.
5. the first bite of a homemade piece of bread fresh from the oven.
6. snuggling up to my hubby in the middle of the night
7. simple reminders that God loves me and is with me - like finding a cheap box of colored chalk at the grocery store when I'm there with three kids and was planning to make a special Target run next just to get the chalk at twice the price.
Kate Van said…
I highly agree with your flower favorites: gardenia, lily of the valley, honeysuckle and paper-whites.
June mornings on my patio with coffee and my Bible.
Anonymous said…
One of my favorite things is seeing video of my niece and nephews.

Uncle John
Wendy said…
My that is something I need to consider more often...

A gentle reminder that heaven awaits,

A thunderstorm with dark clouds (not funnel clouds :-),

Remembering an answered prayer,

Opening my door in the spring to smell my neighbor's lilac bush and white good smelling tree,


just a few, thanks for the prompting to think of them Jenn.
Anonymous said…
Some of my favorites are:
Babies just out of a bath in a soft towel
baby animals
soft rain in
Clean sheets on our bed...all cotton
dancing at home
a good book Grisham is a favorite author
spending time anywhere with my husband...alone
being with family....the whole kit and kaboddle
Cross Fit.....after the workout

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