"Let's see..."

I'm in trouble. Today for the first time Ian was on his knees leaning up (trying to stand) and pulling things out of the toy buckets. Oh my. Yes, so it begins. He's gotten into small pieces and choked a couple times in the past. But today is different. It's a benchmark. A mile stone. A frightening reminder that my kids are growing up.

I drove past where we were yesterday when the funnel cloud hit. There were broken tree branches littered everywhere and fences knocked down. It really wasn't my imagination.

I just caught Ian trying to eat a grocery receipt. Yesterday he was trying to climb the stairs. He's currently climbing under the furniture and eating the scraps under the table. Who needs a puppy?

l made peanutbutter cookies today for my brother. Ian somehow managed to snag one before I could think of peanuts and potential allergies. So far no allergic reaction just a dirty baby... and he just had a bath.... Why do I bathe my kids again?

Well it's a dino nuggets and fries kind of night... Mike's prepping for a big test tonight. Samuel has school in the a.m. I've done the dishes 3 times today and I have a feeling I will be doing them again tonight.

Samuel's standing in front of the pantry with his favorite new expression, "Let's see...." He's trying to figure out what he wants to eat....


Ashleigh said…
Ian and Savannah would get along GREAT! She loves to eat paper and scraps under the table too. And now her favorite thing to do is climb things and stand at the coffee table. That's all she does ... climb, stand, and try to eat things she shouldn't. OK, so she does a few other things too, but those seem to be her favorite pastimes.
Lizzy said…
I love Samuel's latest fav comment. too cute!
Anonymous said…
Ok, maybe it's just me...I think Samuel looks way too old...a buzz cut? Isn't that something for a much bigger boy? (sigh)

It seems like just yesterday Lib was trying to climb the stairs...can't believe they're all getting "SO BIG". (Remember that?)

I'm glad everyone is doing well. You're doing a great job. :) I love you!

btw--what is Samuel going for these days? "Pirates' Booty"? Cereal? My kind of guy...

Praying for you. Pls tell Mike I am praying for him too. :) Hugs.


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