Favorite Things...

I was walking in the grocery store with Alaina last Tuesday (my mommy's helper for Tuesdays) and was struck by how many things I told her I loved... coffee, a certain flavor of this, a certain type of that... and I realized I used the word "Love" a lot. So I don't want to get in the habit of saying "I love this" so it doesn't water down the meaning. So instead I will use the word enjoy. There are a lot of things I enjoy... here are some of my favorites: This isn't including all the typical things, you know: family, friends, clean water, food, shelter, etc. These are the tid-bits.. Hope I don't sound too Sound of Music-ish... raindrops on roses and all that... :)

Favorite Things:

Comfy Jeans
Mac (computers)
silver jewelry
Granny Smith Apples
Flowers: lily of the valley, tulips, gardenias, magnolias, roses, pansies, hyacinths, calla lilies, lilac, lavender, hydrangeas, etc.
Good dark chocolate
My repeat movies: Return to Me, Pride & Prejudice, You've Got Mail, Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery Movies
Reading on a Rainy Day
Playing with my kids
Gardening... planting. Putting my fingers in dirt.
A great pair of earrings.
A fun find at a thrift store.
Chocolate Milk
Baking cookies with my daughter
An afternoon with a friend
A cup of tea... drank without having to be re-heated once.
Crossword puzzles with my husband
Getting a new sewing or knitting book
Michael's Arts & Crafts
Drawing (although I'm horrible at it)
Sweet Beer Bread
Saturday Hot Chocolate Days (a weekly tradition)
Fresh Basil- especially made into Pesto
the smell of cut lemon
burning candles
soaking in a bath tub
foot rubs
good jokes
a date with my husband
Barnes & Noble
Bookstores in General
Really Being Listened to.
A clean kitchen.
Fresh Mint in iced tea.
Rosemary Bread
baking cookies with my Grandma
wearing my happies (my comfy clothes...AKA sweats or jammies)
Fruit that is in season
Strawberry Picking
Reading... I could spend my whole life doing that...
Swinging in the hammock
Ocean. Beach. Sand.
Full Moons
garden window boxes
Lamb's Ear plant- I love how fuzzy they are.
Herbs- thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, mint,- it's all so wonderful
A letter from an old friend
A letter from a new friend
A personal letter that is not a bill or a special offer :)
A Clean Car
Trail Mix- yummy nuts and raisins and chocolate mixes
Trader Joe's
Dried fruit
Homemade Granola
Wearing a sweater & jeans in the fall
Collecting Leaves
Creating. Making. Designing. Planning. Organizing. Playing
The Word of God.
Memorizing Scripture.
Happy Dreams.
Good Memories.
A yummy soft pretzel.
petting puppies.
Taking pictures.
going to the zoo or the Aquarium with the kids.
Looking out my kitchen window.
Sitting on the swing with my husband.
A new notebook.
Fun pens- I love trying new pens, especially with pretty designs.
New shampoo... Again, I love trying something new and fresh.
scuba diving
the Louvre
finding a great cafe
borrowing a good book
cutting flowers and putting them in vases all over the house
new sunglasses- that actually look good and don't make me look like a freak.
Perfume. Body Splash or Lotion... Fragrance in General.
Caring doctors, nurses, therapists and specialists.
Cold Stone's Birthday Re-Mix
The color red.
Dressing up.
Dancing with my husband.
Singing with my brother.
Finding Starbucks in a foreign country. (Australia, France, England, China)
hanging out with my Swedish family
sitting on the swing with my husband at night and watching the stars.
listening to good music
Painting my nails and toes.
Discovering a new food.
walking the road less traveled
being adventurous
the good feeling I get AFTER I work-out
Stamps- so I can send mail
shopping when I have money
getting a good massage
my husband's eyes
twinkle lights
outdoor evening parties

Okay so far more than you ever wanted to know... nothing like ramblings of the tired.


Lizzy said…
Jenn, I just love your zest for life and how you find joy in little things. you truly inspire me.

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