Dentist and Duties

I just scrubbed my hands for the umpteenth time. While changing a dirty diaper my son kicked my hand right into the middle of his deposit. In addition he reached down and stuck his hands straight into the poop. After finishing that diaper Ian crawled up to me and laid down for me to change his diaper. another poopy diaper. sigh.

Ian's leaking yellow-green mucous from his nose. The kids asthma is flaring up again.

I took Libby and Samuel to the dentist today. Libby gets anxious about the dentist but did well this time. 6 months ago Samuel did well- this time not so much. He was overly tired and didn't want to take the x-rays... He'll get them next visit.... because he has 4 cavities we need to so see how deep they go.

I went to Verizon to get my phone checked. It took an hour and a half to be seen and then it took them 30 seconds to hand me back my phone and a brochure and said, "It's a moisture problem. you have insurance. You need to get a new phone." Great service. sigh.

So this could sound like a bad day. But it wasn't. The kids did amazingly well waiting at the dentist's office. They were patient and entertained. My friend Debi watched the kids for me and had made them cupcakes as a surprise. When we got home we frosted cupcakes. She also made me dinner for tonight... and some yummy popcorn. She also taught me some sewing this afternoon. I made a purse and two napkins. It was super fun! I also got to have Alaina's help today.

So it was a good day... it just had some rough edges. The kids have been organizing Dixie cups all over the floor. And I hear them now throwing crayons in the other room. Ian's starting to walk and he's getting into everything.

I just want to crawl into bed and throw the covers over my head. Instead, I will sit here and patiently braid Libby's doll's hair.

This too shall pass.....


Kelsey said…
Thanks for sharing, friend. I love you. One day at a time...wish I could be there to enjoy some of these moments with you. Big hugs from afar. :)

Anonymous said…
I love the joy on Libby's face while twirling and dancing....sweet.
And Michael is really stying with his new do........he is so handsome and doing so well. Love and Kisses
Grandma Fafee.
Melinda said…
sounds familiar, i feel you sister

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