A star is born.

My little drama mama. Performer. Singer. Dancer. Libby loves to dress her self and comes up with amusing outfits on a daily basis. I love the artistic flair of this outfit.... all black with a pink ballet skirt. And boy does she love to pose for the camera.


Jessica Rockey said…
Love it! Speaking of outfits... I just got some of Libby's clothes out for Evangeline! Looks like some of them fit her already. Thanks friend for letting us use them... they're precious!
Kate Thomas. said…
I love Michael's hair cut, so cute! What a sweet face he has!
Anonymous said…
Different style outfits? It surely must be in the DNA. Why the apple didn't fall far from the tree as I recall her mama at that age.
Anonymous said…
She's such a thoughtful girl. Getting so tall too...it's great to see Michael sitting up. What a big boy! :) Can you send me the kids' sizes through email?

Love you,


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