Kids have been throwing up since last night. Please pray. I need help. Mike's home today! Thank God.


Anonymous said…
Been praying for y'all...
How is everyone today? Any better?

Love you,

Anonymous said…
Okay...just noticed the Bee Gees. So funny!

A story popped into my mind as soon as I heard it...forgive me, if it offends.

Scene: Family Dance Party around the Kitchen island.

Narrator: One by one, the Napiers were ushered into the kitchen by the irksome yet enticing falsetto sounds of the Bee Gee brothers.

They had never heard sounds like this before. It seemed like music. It felt like raw emotion. The moment was almost magical.

Their bewildered expressions briefly masked the urges that came to life inside of them.

But not for long...

Samuel was the first to shuffle in. Then Libby's hips began to wiggle. Ian started to clap. And Michael let out a squeal of delight...

The back door swung open, with an abrupt crash, and JL's parents and brother joined in the party. The mood climbed. The volume escalated. Laughter set in. Everyone was dancing now.

Mike heard the commotion from the driveway. He moved quickly to assess the situation and attempted to stop the madness...fumbling with the remote for the cd player amidst the disco jive.

But it was too late... JL had taken the high part with her spatula "microphone" and Mike became mesmerized. His feet began to move in perfect syncopation with the funky groove of the bass line...

The room was filled with laughter and merriment. All was well. All were "staying alive".

End scene


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