Got Bangs?

Libby and I recently got haircuts. Hers is significantly cuter than mine. Need to show a pic soon... but in the meantime... I'm here with my stinky diaper boy. And I got some bangs, subtle yes, but I like 'em.

Kids are well. Libby has a lingering hacking cough. Done with fevers and throwing up.

Ian never threw up just Libby and Samuel. Michael (praise the Lord) got nothing!

Days have been dark and full of rain... a good day for some chai I think. I've read about 12 books in the past 3 weeks. Enjoying the last days of summer.

School starts for everyone on the 8th. Libby will be going to pre-school at my mom's church. Samuel will be going for speech delays. Mike will start teaching advanced English Lit. Enjoying the last moments before the busyness really kicks in.


Anonymous said…
So hard to realize they are growing up. School for two and a walking babe and with the Lord's kindness Michael will be soon running about. It is amazing to see how fast Ian is getting around walking about. Time waits for no man.

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