Rad Grad Dad.

Waiting for Papa to Walk.
There he is!
Graduate Smile!
My love.
The 3 M's
Graduation is a serious thing!
me, Michael & Mike.
Mike's parents with Michael.

My amazing husband, Mike, graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary this past May.

Mike, Michael and I drove to PA for his graduation ceremony. Michael was in the hospital the week before Mike's graduation so we decided to take him with us so that we would have peace of mind while we were away from the other kids.

After some intense years of study, sweat, determination, tears, he did it! He finished what he set out to do.

So I've been a part of him finishing his Bachelor's and Master's degree... and probably will be helping him finish his Ph.D. Thankfully there's nothing that is demanding his absolute attention to study... so until then we will enjoy a "normal life", whatever that is... and just try to work on paying back loans...



Anonymous said…
what a beautiful picture of the three
Michaels.............we are so proud of you both, Mike and Jen. We know the power of two is better than one and Jen, you are so instrumental in Mike's success and it is your success to be such and intimate instrument in Mike's life. We love you and were so thankful to share the moment.
love love love and Joy.faf
Ashleigh said…
Congrats to you all! I know it was a team effort to successfully make it through. We love you guys!
Anonymous said…
Sooooo proud of you. Praise Jesus you were able to finish! Wasn't God good to provide for all your needs (finances, transportation, shelter) and sustain your hearts in the midst of much? Wow, our God is so good and loving. Wonderful photos. Wish I could've been there to celebrate. So proud. So grateful. The full fruit of those years is still to come...so excited. :)


Anonymous said…
one more thought...little Michael is such a beautiful boy. he looks so handsome in these shots. please give him a smooch for me. :)
Caren said…
yay! Congratulations guys! :)
Lizzy said…
Congrats, Mike! Way to go!!! God bless you guys in this new season of life.
erin. said…
Congrats to Mike! Aww, must have been fun to have special time with just Michael. Cute!
Anonymous said…
We are so blessed and proud to have been able to be a part of the grad. ceremony. We are indescribably proud of you, Mike, and you, Jen, for your perseverance, faithfulness, and mutual support for one another. What you both have gone through to achieve this is phenomenal.
The Lord is truly blessing and preparing you for great, great things.
Our love, prayers and highest esteem to you both.

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