quick fill-in.

Injured my wrist on Saturday night. Very embarassing. I put too much garlic in my garlic press and tried to press with just using one hand. I felt something roll (that's what it felt like) and there was instant pain along with heat. Very weird. Anyway.... nothing ice, a brace and ibuprofen can't fix.

Sunday afternoon and evening we had some dear friends from Northern VA over. Grilled chicken. Mashed potatoes. Corn on the cob. Big green salad. Southern Biscuits. Can I say yum? I love spending time with Bob and Suzy and their little girls, Lucie & Fable. They're precious. Great time of fellowship and friendship and laughter with intermittent yells from children and spills and chubby fists and little dimples. Followed up with home-made Dutch Apple pie and vanilla icecream. Okay, I think I'm hungry and that's why I keep talking about food :) Oh and Bob is an IT master so helped me download things onto my external hard drive.... which means I can download my pics! Super-duper.

On Monday I got to spend all morning and early afternoon with my dear, dear friend, Joy It was great to spend time with her and I found it very refreshing. I also got to give blood later that day. It was the first time in many years. They don't let you give if your pregnant or nursing and that's been my life for so long that I didn't have the opportunity to give. I was able to fill up the whole bag in 4 minutes. May it bless someone who needs it!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was an amazing day. Libby and Samuel spent the night at their grandparents so I just had the babies. I picked up Alaina and we had lunch. My Aunt Leigh sent me a TJMAXX gift card and so we went there next and I found a pair of shorts. I've been praying for shorts. I mean I only had one pair and so when they were dirty I had no shorts. So yay! And thank you Aunt Leigh!!!!

The door of my car was having issues closing (again) and I had to drive holding the door with my arm. We stopped at Target and I talked to Mike about how to fix it... and I did fix it. Sorry but I think that deserves a sticker on my chart or something.

Alaina and I worked on Libby and Samuel's room for 3 hours. We cleaned it out. Rearranged the furniture and the beds. Changed their sheets. Hung up all the pictures and knick-knacks. It looks great. The kids LOVE it. Libby has thanked me repeatedly for changing their room around.

Today was CHKD. All four kids and our friend Sarah went to take Michael to the g-tube clinic. We changed out his feeding tube and discussed re-instating a home health nurse. The kids did great. Answer to prayer! I also got a nap this afternoon. Naps are from Jesus.


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