Cup, Kiss, Ask Jesus.

Samuel recently had this conversation with me as I was putting him down to bed.

Me: "Goodnight sweetheart. Have sweet dreams. I love you." I start to close the door.
Samuel: "Cup?" I walk back to him.
Me: "here's some water. I love you. goodnight." begin to exit again.
Samuel: "Kiss?"
I walk back and give him a huge hug and kiss.
Me: "Ni, night buddy".
Samuel: "Ask Jesus?"
I once again return to his bedside and we "ask Jesus". I love the way he desires prayer. He takes it seriously. It's important to him. So much so that we can pray 3 or 4 times DURING a meal.

I love his heart. He's so sweet. May He continue to desire to "ask Jesus!" all the days of his life.


Anonymous said…
Zing went the strings of my heart. Remember, God spoke to Samuel when he was three. I can only trust that He will speak to this warrior boy Samuel at 3 too. He has a big assignment for this treasured son's life.
Anonymous said…
He has endured so much in his short three years.............and has such a zeal for life and with a warrior spirit he is so ready to comfort others who are hurting. It will be a wonderful story that the Lord is writing on his heart and in his spirit. Blessings and a specific purpose for how the Lord will use him. Precious Samuel.
Jessica Rockey said…
So SWEET... just melts your heart.
Anonymous said…
Love his sweet and tender heart. Love how passionate about life he is too...what a fun boy. Praise Jesus for Samuel Augustine. Praying for his heart and his ears as the Lord speaks to him.

Thank you for faithfully and lovingly directing your babes to the Lord.



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