Staying Alive.

I have some kind of tummy bug. Libby has a horrific headache and passed out on the couch after taking some Motrin. Samuel has a fever of 102 and Ian a fever of 104.

it's already been a hell of a week.

Michael's pump for the feeding tube wasn't operating properly for 24 hours and we didn't know it. I had a complete breakdown in a public place, the school administration building at Chesapeake. I was practically hyperventilating. It felt like the last straw on an already challenging day. They were saying something needed to be notarized that previously was said to not need to be notarized. Long story short after my break-down they pushed the paperwork through and Samuel is now and truly enrolled in school.

There's been a lot of bickering between my older two. Yelling. Screaming. Kicking. Fussing.

My brother told me something a couple weeks ago that blessed me.

Christopher: "Jennifer, you're a miracle."
Me: "No. Christopher, I'm not really much of anything."
Christopher: "Yes you are. You're alive!!!"

Yes, I guess that's a good point. It's pretty amazing I'm alive.

There has been grace poured out on me even in the midst of the trials. Had some girl time at a party on Monday. I got to be with my Grandma and she blessed me with groceries, lunch and coffee.

My cousin Emily helped me with the kids today and I got a 3 hour nap in. she cleaned my house and helped keep the kids entertained and helped with dishes and laundry and organizing, etc.

I had to call Mike repeatedly yesterday to have him pray for me. I was feeling crazy. Mike brought home flowers as well as my favorite adult beverage... and peanutbutter M&M's... and twizzlers. So sweet.

So there are times of absolute tearfulness... times where crazy things are happening... and honestly at times we look like a bad episode of a reality TV program- well, we sure bring laughs. Yet my Faithful God is here in the midst. So, Michael is crying now... and I need to check on Samuel's fever. This too shall pass.


Caren said…
Awww...poor thing! I am praying for you all...hope you feel better soon...just remember that life will not always be full of 4 little day you will have 4 teenagers! What a trip that will be :)
Jessica Rockey said…
I felt so weighed down to check out your blog and see more chaos and drama... my poor friend! Then... the beat... what song is this? I immediately burst into tearful laughter! I love you, friend.
Anonymous said…
In the words of Dorothy.....
Fever and

Aching and Puke OH NO!!!!!!!

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