31 days sans le sucre (without sugar).

So, It's either day 4 or 5 that I've gone without "sugar". I allow turbinado sugar in my tea and brown sugar in my oatmeal. Those are the exceptions. I'm not eating sugar in general like in sweet cereals (aaaahhhh--- cinnamon toast crunch), ice-cream, brownies, cakes, pastries, sodas etc. And here's the biggie chocolate. For some reason it's been surprisingly "easy". I really felt like God wanted me to fast from sugar until my birthday and I started May 3rd. So I guess it's day 5! Yippee. I might allow myself a special treat on Mother's Day... that's still up in the air. I'm not feeling legalistic about it. I'm just excited that I'm training myself, disciplining myself to abstain.


Anonymous said…
Way to go Jen....I am so proud of you and maybe I can be inspired.........have felt that tugging to give up the all powerful addiction of sugar.........bur not today.
Have been so busy but love the Carmex and Veggie blogs, too.........my what beautiful children you and Mike have....Love in Motion is adorabel as is CArmex....that girl know what she likes and dislikes........so like her Mommy.

love you all and sending hugs and kisses
Ashleigh said…
You go, Jennifer! What discipline. I'm cheering for you! :-)
Bethany said…
Way to go!!! I don't know if I could do it.
Jenn said…
I am proud of you, that would be hard to do. I did it a few years ago (for about 10 days) and it MAJORLY curbed my sweet tooth for a while, I guess I really should do that again ...

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