The Pictures You've Been Waiting For.



Anonymous said…
well, hubba hubba!
I know Mike likes that, Jen! Looks great! Love it when Faf does that, too.
kids look so wonderful--you all do.

Love ya'll so much!
Michelle said…
love it! you look great jennifer. :-) did the kids happen to notice/say anything?
Jennifer said…
They acted like that's how I've always looked. It was an adjustment for Mike though!
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, it looks great! You wear blonde highlights very well!
Anonymous said…
fabulous - you look amazing!
Katie Virginia said…
oooooo lala
I love your hair Jennifer!
Jenn said…
It looks wonderful, you look great!!!
Bethany said…
Very cool!!!!! I love it!!! Looks good on you too.
Anonymous said…
I love sassy and cute......hope Mike is on board.......Love seeing your pictures of everyone...
Love you all,
Anonymous said…
hey jenn,
i love your hair it works for you! this pictures of the kids are so cute!
love you
Anonymous said…
Jenn you are so cute! I love your new hair cut and I love you!!
Anonymous said…
Jennifer Leigh Napier,

After all these years of making fun of blondes, look what you went and did. Well, at least you you pull it off. Looks great. Love you guys. Hope Mike's finals are going well and you are staying sane. Me, I'm half way off the deep end.

john meade
erin. said…
Hey Jennifer, it was so fun hearing from you! Thanks for your sweet comment on my site. I love your hair too. Those last-minute, big-change haircuts/styles are the best! Good for you!
Jennifer said…
Thanks for all the positive comments my friends and family. I really am enjoying being blonde. It's fun... and it's happy... and it feels like spring and summer are here!

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