Easter, Part Two.

We didn't get to have Easter because Samuel and I were at the hospital. But I did put Libby in her Easter dress (2 weeks later) and threw some eggs in the yard and had her pick them up. Here are some pics.


Michelle said…
hehe. i'm giggling thinking of what your neighbors must have been thinking. ;-)
Ashleigh said…
Love the middle picture!
Anonymous said…
love the way it looks like the blog is designed to match Libby's easter dress with all the circles! and what a fabulous dress it is - she looks gorgeous. glad you got to have Easter after all! xx
Jenn said…
A date is just a date, but memories are wonderful anytime aren't they?
Bethany said…
What a cutie. Love the dress too. I just got one like that from my sister...in purples.
Anonymous said…
How adorable.........when she wore it at S&K's wedding I was so hoping she would get to wear it some more........precious girl....and Mr. Samuel is so precious too.......just not a polka -d0t kinda guy.....YEAH.

love you all,
Anonymous said…
tell my girl that MyMike loves her so, so much. She is so beautiful, isn't she?


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