Libby is obsessed with lip balm. She loves to find my lip gloss or chapstick or lipstick... whatever she can find to put on her lips... and carry the item around and say, "Mmm, lips"... or "special lips". Her current obsession is with Carmex. She carries it around with her everywhere and when she wears her little overalls she puts it in her front pocket.

In the words of Larry from Veggie Tales, "I love my Lips!"


Anonymous said…
i have an obsession with Carmex also! haha i love it!
she is SO CUTE (they both are)
love and miss you!
Ashleigh said…
Very cute! Olivia went through an addiction to chapstick. She would carry it around in her pocket and put it on every 5 seconds. It was funny.

Love the picture by the way. Libby looks so serious!
Bethany said…
I love carmex too. Hey how did you like the book HEaven at Home? I was thinking of reading that one.
Jenn said…
I love Libby's face, and what a girl. She is so cute!!!
Jennifer said…
Bethany, I enjoyed Heaven at Home. I really like Ginger Plowman's writing style, easy to read. I think it offers a lot, just be careful to not put it all upon yourself... I tend to read books like that and compare myself and feel like a failure.... but overall, a good book.

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