Quick Visit.

My mom had a conference in New York so the week-end before the conference and a couple days after she came and visited. She brought her friend Annie with her. We had a great time not doing much in particular but we had a fun day and went to Chestnut Hill and they helped me with projects like cleaning out my car (which is still spotless!) This is right before they left when I realized we hadn't taken a single picture and I had a camera with me the WHOLE time!


Ashleigh said…
Cute pictures! Glad you guys had a good time.
Jenn said…
Your mom and Annie look wonderful! How fun to share time with both of them. So glad you were able to and really just SHOULD post some pics of the car ... that is amazing with two little ones!!!
Bethany said…
Cute pics. Your daughter looks adorable in Orange. And you mom and Anne were coordinating so nicely. ;)

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