Pennsylvania Train Museum

Libby loves trains or as she refers to them, "Choo-Choos." So it was with great excitement that we were able to take the kids to an actual train museum with over a 100 locomotive engines. The trains were cool to look at but the joy on Libby's face was so much more amazing to watch. It was a great afternoon.


Michelle said…
Man, Libby is looking so old... and so beautiful. You guys make lovely children. :-)
Reaghan said…
aw they are getting so big!
Ashleigh said…
Looks like a fun museum! And Libby is getting so big! She's a little girl now! How time flies.
Billie said…
I was thinking the same thing when I saw your post.....Libby is getting so big. She looks precious. And you all must have had a great time. Thanks for the photos.
Jenn said…
What a little doll! I miss having a little girl, that little!

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