This past week-end we went to Lancaster County for our church retreat. It was a great time of fellowship and hanging out and finding out more about the church and talking about membership/commitment.

One of the definite highlights for me was going to the Train Museum there. Libby was so excited and thrilled and cried the whole way back after we left all the choo-choos. Pictures are coming. it's just too late tonight and I had just wanted to post something about this past week-end.


Michelle said…
Funny, I was just thinking about the Amish this week. But maybe that was subtly because I knew you were there - who knows? Missed you!
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, so glad you had a good weekend. Looking forward to hearing more.

Trains! Little kids just love them, huh? Olivia just picked out two books from the library on trains and yesterday she told me one of them was, "My favorite book in the whole wide world." Although, I'm sure that will change next time we check out books. :-)
Jenn said…
Can't wait to see more pics and thanks for card friend, love you!
Bethany said…
We love trains here. Looks like a fun time.

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