Escape Artist.

Look out! He's on the move! Samuel has become an escape artist. His new favorite place is the stairs. I have to watch him like a hawk now. He pulls himself to his feet now and can take steps holding our hands- this is an amazing accomplishment for him. He's on a real developmental growth spurt... praise God!

I had just woken up when Mike snapped this picture of me and Samuel. We were both caught. Samuel was caught on the stairs. I was caught waking up.


erin. said…
Wow, you wake up beautiful...I could never post a first thing in the morning pic, no way!!
Bethany said…
Boys are fun huh!!! Never a dull moment.
Jenn said…
Little stinker! Ahhh, here comes the years of toddlerhood for little Samuel, no looking back!! hee hee (it's a good thing they are absolutely adorable at this age)
Anonymous said…
I can't believe he is almost walking!
Anonymous said…
Yay! Praise God for Samuel. :) I'm so happy he is starting to take steps! What an answer to prayer! Love the pics. So cute.


P.s. Shannon says "hi" and wants you to know that SHE thinks that Samuel and Libby are the cutest kids that she has ever seen. :)

We're not partial or anything like that...

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