Love in Motion.


Ashleigh said…
Cute. :-) So sweet seeing Libby hug Samuel.
Katie Virginia said…
So precious Jennifer! They are getting too big :)
Hugs and Kisses to you all - tell them I say hello and that I love them very much!
erin. said…
And she tackles him! Your kids are soo sweet! Cute pictures. I love your couch too!!
Bethany said…
Too cute. I like the cool red couch too.
Anonymous said…
Libby is such a ham. Tell me, really. How much does she love the camera? Because the camera loves her.

Give them both a kiss from their Uncle John, please. I hope you guys are getting some kind of rest.

Anonymous said…
Love in Motion is the perfect titie......I am sure they are moving all the time. It looks like Lib is riding Samuel....too funny. He gives her a run for the $ I am sure.

We miss you all and are praying for the end of the semester.......Good Job you two.........and kisses to the Babes...........hope to see ya soon.
Jenn said…
Adorable Adorable Adorable.
Love it!

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