Papa's Hat.

One of Libby & Samuel's favorite things to do is to wear papa's hat. They laugh and giggle as they take turns putting it on and taking it off.


Ashleigh said…
So cute! So do they call Mike "Papa"? That's what Olivia and Ava also call Ted. I think it's such a sweet name.
Bethany said…
Very sweet.
Jenn said…
I love that pic with Mike and his little boy!
Anonymous said…
Samuel reminds me of how michael would wear my grandpa's hat. He's such a cutie!
Jennifer said…
Ashleigh- The kids do call Mike "Papa". I would like to be called "Mama" but it turns out to be mostly "Mommy" and lately "Mom." Don't know how I feel about that one. Can't she wait till she's 13 to call me mom?


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