Dumping Ground.

Have you ever found yourself caught in the evil comparision trap? I'm finding myself there. I'm looking at others (ok. looking at other women) and thinking, "They look better than me. They're a better photographer. They're blog is cooler. They're a better mom. They have their lives in order. They're organized. They're a better cook. Nicer house. Nicer car. Nicer.... whatever" I am reminding myself lately what it says in the Psalms, that my "boundaries have fallen in pleasant places." I'm not going to pretend to have it together... I don't. I do know though that I have this Awesome Father who loves me and has a plan for my life. That I'm being redeemed. That I'm crushed, but I won't despair... I am broken but I am not overcome. Greater is He who that is in Me than he who is in the world! I wonder how often we spend time comparing ourselves with others instead of embracing and enjoying who God made us to be and appreciating the way He made others. Let's glean from others. Heck yeah, people are better at things than us, so let's learn what we can from them, but let's rejoice, because God made us to be US! He didn't make us little cookie cutters. He delights in us! Ok, so as I'm preaching to you, I hope you know... I'm just talking to myself.


Anonymous said…
Ilove the highlights and style and everything....just darling and very becoming...I tried red after John was born.....didn't work as well as your highlights.
The kids are growing so much...
Suz and Annie look great and I know you were so happy to have them with you.
Libby and Samuel have grown so much........Can't wait to see you all. We are at the beach and the weather has been perfect and full moon..awesome.
faf xx00 to each of you
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, you're not alone. I sometimes find myself falling into the comparison trap too. I love how you remind us that we should appreciate how God has made and gifted others rather than comparing ourselves too them. How true!

I find that expressing my gratefulness to God for all He has done and given me helps when I find myself starting to compare. It puts things back into perspective.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness Jennifer that is so exactly where I'm at this week. One of those times when you know what is true and believe it is true but it takes a bit of effort to keep convincing yourself how much you believe it! I guess He never said it was easy! But you're right - He is good in all things and has plans to prosper us even if His plans are different to the plans we thought we knew better about.... Will be praying for you this week and hoping you're praying for me too!! Love ya xxx
Jenn said…
Thanks for sharing Jennifer. I find myself in this battle most every day. And isn't that what we have to do, remind ourselves of truth, thanks for reminding me ...
Bethany said…
I totally struggle with that. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and yet if I can't do something perfect I throw my hands up and give up or become totally frustrated. Its all or nothing and the nothing has really gotten me down this week...especially in terms of organizing. I think well if I could afford these containers and this piece of furniture then I could be organized but since I can't then why even try it is just going to be a mess again. It has been so hard for me here in California where everything is so expensive. We had to redo our budget this week and now we can't afford to get anymore furniture off our list (unless I can find it used and dirt cheap) Instead of being grateful for what I did find this week I have been annoyed and frustrated with the cost of living here. I am so blessed to even own a house here I know but it is so hard when I look at what others have...especially in other parts of the country. So yeah all this to say I know how you feel...I struggle with that a lot and just when I think I am doing great and being grateful and content I get whammed with something else. I need to practice being audibly grateful to God on a regular basis and count my blessings as a reminder.
Anonymous said…
Jen, when I was despairing of the future, didn't know if I'd have a job from one day to the next, Psalm 42 basically 'kept me alive', espec. verse 11. Most despair for us is as a result of comparing ourselves with others, which the Word admonishes us not to do--easier said than done, of course. Isaiah 26:3 is the answer to all of it, I think.
Now that things have gotten some-better at work, I STILL stinkin' find myself getting downcast because I compare my condition with other's. I'm never satisfied--or , unfortunately, rarely content, as Paul encourages us to be. As others here have confirmed...you are not alone.

Love you! Praying for you.

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