Bedroom Make-over?

15 minutes is good enough. In 15 minutes it will be Friday. Earlier today while washing dishes I had a brilliant question to pose to you. Unfortunately, I didn't write it down so you'll be left with something I make up at the spur of the moment. Aha- here it is....

My bedroom is the worst room in the house. It is the most cluttered and most blah room. Before I would paint and then I would love it. We can NOT paint... so do you guys have some ideas.... I had this thought of doing a before and after photo shoot to show you guys.... What can I do to change my bedroom and not let it be the junkiest room in the house? Also, I want to make it look romantic and inviting. a place of rest, relaxation, and intimacy. Any ideas? Help me!


Ashleigh said…
Oh, we've had the same problem. Things that we've done is I've put up light sheer curtains over the blinds, added pillows, fake plants, tried to disclutter by using storage that hides clutter like trunks or storage bins I can hide under the bed. We still have the problem of my computer desk and the mess that goes with it in our room. I haven't figured that one out yet. In Virginia we got closet doors, painted them, and used them as doors for a bookshelf. It hid the books and looked great.

Also, since you can't paint, you can try to add colors throughout the room with accessories. Which you've probably already thought of. :-)
Wendy said…
Hey Jenn!
I don't know if you have checked out the flylady website, but she has decorating on a dime section. She also talks about ways to decorate with out paint. I have to say I share your plight though. Our bedroom tends to be clutter and left to last to clean. Maybe we should start there first and spend 15 min. a day decluttering even if that is all we do all day.
Have a great day! I am praying you will sleep more easily with young children.
Bethany said…
you can get risers to put the bed up on at bed bath beyond or linens and things........i store tons under my bed.

paint furniture but classy looking

do you have an ikea nearby? they have great large cheap wall art you could use to bring something to the room....also cheap bed linens and curtains
AmyB said…
Can you post some pics of your room so we can have a better idea of what it looks like (layout and size-wise)? I always find clever cheap ideas in decorating magazines. I would just head to a bookstore (in your spare time of course), grab a bunch of decorating books and mags and start writing ideas down. So that's my off hand idea :-), but yeah post some pics and we can all try to come up with something specific! Fun fun! I love make-overs! :-)
Michelle said…
Sounds like you're in good hands. :) Enjoy - and send us pics of what you decide to do.
Jenn said…
Looking forward to all the good ideas. I am with you on the bedroom thing, why is that the last room that we clean in the WHOLE house!! My kid's rooms often look better than mine!
Jennifer said…
Thank you guys for your ideas. I will try and attempt photographing the bedroom and posting it before my trip to CA this week. I have bedroom risers but haven't made good use of under-bed storage. I have limited storage in this house. A downstairs closet and upstairs and I realize that the main problem is I need to eliminate stuff. I figure though if I post pictures it might motivate me to do something about it!

Keep 'em coming!


Jennifer Leigh

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