Mouse: foe not friend, right?

We still have mice. They have eaten through our bread, nuts, cereal, peanut butter crackers, chocolate, etc. And all of it wasn't even open to start with. They're aggressive. I'm sitting her in Mike's oversized plush chair (with my feet tucked Indian style) and watching this little mouse. he's so dang cute. he keeps popping up and looking at me. Maybe it's just watching Stuart Little with Libby for the past several days. I have to keep reminding myself that this little guy keeps wreaking havoc (with his buddies) on my home. I think if my feet were on the floor I would have felt differently, but feeling "safe" makes me think they're cute. I mean these mice have been in my diaper bags (mulitple diaper bags, mulitple occasions), in my laptop bag, and even in my purses. They have been in my bedroom, the office, the kitchen, the living room, and dining room... and have nibbled on some expensive things... we really need to call our landlords...

Crap, I hear them squeaking in the kitchen... several of them... what do they think this is, a conference?

And they're smart. Only 3 have fallen for the mouse trap (even covered with peanut butter)... since Feb. or so.... oh dear.


Michelle said…
Have you caught more since we were there? It is so funny, but annoying, how aggressive they are. I thought for sure the marshmallow would help. Grrr
Wendy said…
So Jenn, in VA we had mice in our eaves. I am thankful I didn't see them often cause I really, I mean really, don't like mice!! Anyway, my dad was in pest control so here are his two tips for all they are worth. The mouse trap...tie and small piece of string on the part where you put the cheese then smear it with cheese and set trap. We have always caught a mouse with a trap set with string.

Second, if you can figure out where they are coming in...stuff the entry with steel wool. They hate the stuff. So ours were coming in up the side of the house by the garage where the corner meets...hard to explain but we stuffed it with steel wool and had no more mice.

Hope you win. Have you ever seen Mousetrap? A movie about a very aggressive mouse.
Ashleigh said…
Ick! I'm with Wendy. We had mice in Virginia and when we finally figured out they were coming from behind the stove, we used steel wool. After that we didn't have any additional problems with them.
Catherine said…
Too bad! I have a fantastic pest catcher in the form of my cat, Curdie. There were mice when I first moved in, but haven't seen one since. But the cockroaches/palmetto bugs are the regular pests now. It's fantastic - I just squeal, jump on the couch and he takes care of the rest! :)
Bethany said…
Ohhh yuck. We have one in our kitchen but not that aggressive just scares the tar out of me. About a year ago we had a RAT....(fruit tree rat) that would climb down the wall behind the head of our bed. It also ate through a rubbermaid container to get Leroy's dog food. We finally caught it one was freakin huge!!!!!!!!! YUCK YUCK YUCK.

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