California Dreamin.

This picture is probably of Mexico or elsewhere but if fit the mood.

So, I'll be in California soon. Soon being in two weeks and two days. I can't wait. Right now I'm sitting in a very loud boisterous Panera and attempting to read my book and study and plan "leading" tomorrow night's discussion. Ha ha. I'm not even finished reading and I'm super distracted. I also feel nervous. It's been a while since I've "led" anything. With the exception of crazy children, I don't feel much of a "leader" and even then I wonder who is really in control.

I will be flying out to California to spend some time with my friend and little "sister" Kelsey. I am imagining some long, long uninterrupted conversations filtered intermittenly with coffee from Starbucks and lots and lots of laughter. I am also looking forward to time to clear my head and think. To reevaluate and pray. To let myself relax and unwind and sleep.

I do realize though that the likelihood is that I'm going to miss the kids like crazy and Mike way more than that. It's been helpful to have those moments away from it all and to realize what I really love- my family and to be thankful that I have them. It is also helpful to know and see myself apart from the roles of mommy and wife. to remember that first and foremost I belong to God and to dwell on my first love, Jesus Christ.

With all that said I am packing the "bare minimums"- sunglasses, knitting bag (I've recently taken up knitting), some books, and my laptop, some clothes and flip-flops...

God is so gracious and kind to give me such a lavish break and such a wonderful husband to support me leaving and encouraging me to rest.

Until then I will return to my book and try not to be California Dreaming...


Bethany said…
Can't wait till you come. I will make you some of my coffee frap drink and you and Kelsey can sit on my porch and knit. FUN FUN.


See you soon.
Ashleigh said…
Have a wonderful time! What a blessing to get some much deserved rest, relaxation and fellowship in!
Michelle said…
Have fun! Give Kel's a big squeeze for me!
Anonymous said…
Jenn-Have a blast send my love to Kels! Love you.

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