Mac Down.

We've got a Mac down people. My laptop isn't working. The one I planned on taking to CA. Oh yeah. This happened to me before. Like right before my trip last year to Sweden. Dang. I think it knew it was going with me somewhere and decided it just wanted to stay home or maybe it just freaks out in August. So, I don't know how updates/e-mails will go. Please be patient. I will try and get it fixed soon. All my beautiful pictures I can't touch....

BTW- I don't like my husband's PC- it must be possessed or something. No wonder he loves my Mac...I can't even post a picture on my blog because it's not working.


Michelle said…
Dear Mac,

I hope you are feeling better soon. Enjoy your time off.


Michelle's MacBook Pro
Reaghan said…
hahah remember when i used to come over and your mac or mike's dell wouldn't work...y'all thought i was bad luck...

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