I'm a Mac. I'm a PC.

I just want to apologize to Mike's Dell. It wasn't it's fault. The pop-up setting wasn't right so I wasn't able to upload the picture. I am sorry Dell. Thank you for letting me use you right now. Even though Mac will be at home with you, I feel sad leaving it behind. Please take care of my friend. Even though the Mac is better I am thankful that I can check my e-mail on you and post on my blog... because of you.


Ashleigh said…
Ted is a total MAC user. He dislikes PCs with a vengance. I actually use both. Right now I'm using a MAC, but my desktop is a PC. Although I do have to say PCs tend to be more frustrating in general.
Wendy said…
AMEN! Macs are much easier! However I married a pc guy...still working on him to get a mac for me.

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