Body Fluids.

Warning: You are to be warned. If you are eating do not read further. If you are about to eat do not read further. If you get grossed out, do NOT read further. Consider yourselves warned.

The thing about my kids is they have a hard time keeping things to themselves. Especially when they get carsick. On the car ride down to VA Samuel threw up everything he had possibly consumed in the past week. Thank God Alexis was with us! We stopped at Starbucks and I stripped the boy and threw the clothes away- they could not be salvaged! And Mike and I bathed him in the sink. But the car stunk so badly. I thought I would pass out and it was everything Alexis could do to keep from turning green. she had her head buried in her pillow but I know it wasn't enough! We were able to keep Samuel hydrated and so all was well.

The ride back... we stop at dinner for Chick-fil-A. Libby desperately wants some ice-cream. I told her to eat her chicken and fries first. Well, she tried. And then it all came up. Two chairs and the floor... completely covered. GrOSS!!!! Why didn't anyone tell me being a mom could be so gross! After she was sick she begged for ice-cream. She didn't get the fact that throwing up elimnated the dessert option.

Today...Libby pushed Samuel back into the doll house. He banged his head. I first thought the crying was from the pain and then I saw it. Blood on his curls. He had scraped the top of his head. Nothing that a wet paper towel couldn't cure but I could hardly handle it. It's not that I'm normally squeamish... I just think I want everyone's bodily fluids to be kept to themselves!

I do look forward to sharing some pictures of the time with Alexis, our trip in VA and family pics, etc.... Another time. When I don't feel so nauseous.


Anonymous said…
What a trip. Hope everyone is healthy and no more bleeding or throwing up today. I am thankful you all are home. Safe and sound.......or nearly sound....When are we ever "sound" of mind in the midst of throw up and poopy diapers and everything flying in at once? But it is Life.........crazy, wonderful, painful LIFE.

Hope you all have a gentle, quiet day.
Kate Van said…
Jen! I gag when babies spit-up . . . what will happen when it's the REAL DEAL!
Ashleigh said…
I remember the first time Olivia and Ava got the flu. Yuck! Fortunately, I was able to deal with the throw up without losing my own lunch, but maybe that was because I simply went into "mommy gear," meaning you just do what you have to do. Anyway, we are finally getting Ava to chew AND swallow most of her food instead of spitting it out. This is a good thing!
Reaghan said…
nasty! haha
i wish i could go up there but i don't see it happening...:( i'm sorry but when y'all come here i'll babysit 4 y'all anytime! maybe it i get a long weekend off of school i'll make it up there...who knows?
miss you
AmyB said…
Ah man Jennifer, yuck! :-) We've been fortunate and I haven't had to deal with throw-ups yet...Munchie had the runs when he was 2ish, but in 4 1/2 years, that's been it. THANK YOU LORD!!

Spit-up, is a whole other story...both kids spit up a TON, Austin until he was walking. Pretty gross, but nothin' compared to throw-up. Anyway, Sorry 'bout that Jennifer! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!
Jennifer said…
Ashleigh- I do think you get in mommy gear mode. I remember thinking before kids I didn't know how I would clean up throw up, etc. But when it happens I just find myself taking action and just doing it. I still ponder though, "How am I doing this?"


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