Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is my 700th post. If I try to think of something amazing or tremendously important to write about then I'll freeze up and stop writing and think I have to wait until something incredible happens.

Samuel's pubic tube valve is still off and he seems to be wetting his diapers well enough. That's a good sign. Hopefully we'll do a bladder scan in a bit and see how it's going.

Samuel's been in a GREAT mood today. He's been playful and laughing. He walked over to the "bed" Mike and I use, it's like a built in couch of sorts. Anyway, he walked over to it with help and sat on the bed and played with Libby. It's really fun to see him be himself.

Um, the other news is we have a dog. It's mostly my brother, Christopher's, dog. But it's an indoor dog so we all have adopted it. It's an Italian Greyhound. It's brown and white and looks like a miniature deer. It's funky looking with it's long thin legs and neck but it's as sweet and as gentle as can be. We've named her Sadie. I think she's going to do our spirits good. I think she'll be wonderful for Samuel. She's a year old and probably about 7 pounds. She's full grown. She makes Michael (the smaller of the twins) look like a giant. The kids love her. She's short haired and there's no concern for allergies. She's housebroken which is a must. You should see how gentle she is with the kids.

And I have to confess. I look forward to going home and to seeing her. Yeah, she's kind of already has a place in my heart. I'll post a picture soon!

I also have an OB appointment tomorrow!

So, yeah, that's the update for now.


Julie said...

Samuel was so sweet to Jack and Sam. I just about lost it when he asked about my burn on my arm and prayed for me. I hope his "sun" keeps him smiling!

Katy VanRyckeghem said...

worship night tonight at church gave me fresh hope for you guys. praying the Lord gives you specific wisdom with your 'time' (the crazy times and quiet times). There is no guilt or condemnation are in Christ Jesus.