I went to church today... again! It was great. The message was really encouraging. The current series is called Christ: our hope in trials. Eric gave a great message on loving one another.

I was able to have lunch with a friend afterwards and felt encouraged to my soul... just being able to talk about whatever's on my mind and not having to use a filter.

Mike and Libby are having a date today... the donut shop and barnes and noble... what fun :) I'm so glad she gets to ahve time with her Papa.

I haven't been online for several days... very limited access as of late.

Kids are doing well and enjoying school. We're starting to create a routine... yay! I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow. Libby has the dentist on Tuesday. Michael is getting fitted for braces on his legs on Wednesday and has speech on Thursday.

The chemo has been making Samuel sick. In spite of it he's been really cheerful at times and has even enjoyed being hugged and tickled on occasion.

Days feel long and busy and full. I feel like I'm going from one thing to the next but I feel at peace and calm. Sometimes my body gets stressed and keeps the anxiety in but I feel like my soul is at rest.

My OB appointment on Friday was fun... hee hee. Okay, it wasn't. I had to do the glucola test and then get my blood drawn. And of course, as per usual, they had to stick me twice to get blood. And did I mention they wanted to re-do my papsmear because they put my specimen in the wrong container and the lab wouldn't run it... I told them, "No. I will not do it again." This was after a fiasco the last time to do just get it done.... Anyway, the scan shows that Peter is breach. He is pushing against my aorta which makes me practically pass out. But otherwise all looks good. Fluid levels normal.

Feeling tired and pregnant but nothing unusual with that.

Off to go solve the world's problems... or maybe just drink a latte. I think the latter is more likely...


glad to see your sweet face Sunday. My last appointment for baby revealed 'it' was breach as well. I tried doing the exercises they recommend and it wasn't 'til I was on a walk and bent down to tie my shoe that I totally felt the baby flip. God is in control of that too! Praying for your pregnancy and delivery...
Caren said…
Jen, I'm so glad today has been refreshing for you. I am praying for you all...

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