Hippo and hair.

I got a haircut a couple of weeks ago. I like it. It feels nice to finally do something with my hair. My last haircut was in February.

Here's my 32 weeks picture of my belly. Yes, I know. I do look a little like a hippo. Actually, this picture doesn't look that bad. it's just in real life I feel like a hippo. I'm where I was when I had the twins. I think I can make it further :)


Caren said…
Jen, you look awesome! I'm gonna post a 34 week picture later tonight. I feel huge too, but realize that I'm not that big :) I love your haircut :) I'm getting one tomorrow, but nothing drastic. Just a trim :)
Kelsey said…
Love your hair. You look beautiful. Give Peter a good rub for me, eh? xoxoxo

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