Thursday, September 09, 2010

Magic Shoes.

Mike bought me magic shoes this past week-end. Of course the picture is not doing the fabulous pair justice but that's okay... I know what they look like. They're embroidered with flowers and silver thread and sparkly sequins and the most dazzling twinkly silver ever.

When I put them on I feel like a combination of Dorothy (of the Wizard of Oz) and ballerina princess.

Never thought a pair of shoes could transform me so much :)


Katy VanRyckeghem said...

supportive? haha- sorry to be a party pooper but since being prego in the summer (wearing flip-flops) I've determined to start wearing better supportive shoes! Lovely though

AmyB said...

YEAH! Can't wait to see 'em in person - cute cute, you know I love anything that glitters!