So Samuel's room is being painted today. Flooring goes in tomorrow. Excited that his room will be done. Next major project is living room and then we'll continue on from there. Home remodeling in addition to all that's going on can be a little stressful but I'm thankful for all the people who are helping and have come along side us. It's truly a team initiative. We are so blessed.

Samuel's doing his schooling right now. He loves when Miss Shannon comes and does school. He plays all sorts of educational games(numbers, letters, colors, shapes, opposites, etc.) on an ipad. He thinks it's so cool.

Hoping to have him home soon. Maybe as soon as next week.
We've got to get the pubic tubic out and then go from there.


Kelsey said…
Thanks for the update. You're doing a great job! Praying for Mr. Samuel. So glad he's enjoying his schooling. xoxo

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