current needs:

Thanks for all the gifts and packages and checks and gift cards! What a huge help and blessing it has been.

Our current needs are the following:

-2 new/gently used pack n'plays. For whatever reason the ones we had have bit the dust... and at around the same time.

-a crib for Michael. Another thing that has fallen apart and desperately needs to be replaced..

-a twin bed for Samuel. Frame/Mattress, etc. We want to have one for the downstairs playroom that we can use as a "couch" but also a bed for him. This way we can read books together, kids can play together and Samuel can rest but watch his siblings.

-a twin blow up mattress for our bedroom. Some nights he will probably need to be with us. This way we can use it and yet put it away when not needed.

-We are purchasing paint. (if you want to chip in for a Lowe's or Wal-mart card that would be great!)

-As always gift cards or greatly appreciated (gas, meals, Starbucks, Target, etc.)

Thanks for your love, prayers, and support!


Judy said…
I happen to have a pack n play that's yours for the taking! It's barely used!

We also just took Ida's crib down a few weeks ago. It's a white sleigh crib that we used for only Ruth & Ida.
When Danny gets home, I'll ask him if it's in good shape.

Message me on FB or email me! :)
maddie said…
I love your posts! Don't EVER feel like you need to apologize for sounding this way or that way! You be you! You are an extraordinary woman and I commend you for speaking what's on your heart. It gives me specific areas to pray for you better too.
We are, along with so many, keeping your arms lifted and we will win this battle!
Love you dearly!
Jessica said…
I have two toddler beds being unused, they are "jungle jeeps." I don't know if you remember them in the boys room. Both have the mattresses. I realize that they are smaller than a twin bed, but you are welcome to one or both for the room downstairs and your room. Text me and we can bring them over if youwould like.

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