Bagel Breakfasts.

So, I tried to fall back asleep but an hour and a half ago I was awakened. Maybe it was all the trips to the bathroom in the night or maybe it was Samuel's blows to my head. I don't know if it was his elbows, hands, or feet but he kept getting me in the head. All that to say is I'm up with the dawn.

Once I was awakened all sorts of thoughts started going on and I just couldn't fall back asleep.

Thoughts of school starting again. Libby will be in kindergarten this year. Samuel will return to pre-school and Michael will probably be joining him. I know what you're thinking... "michael is only 2!" I know. But he needs a lot of language enrichment in addition to physical and occupational therapy which our school provides. This means 3 out of my 4 will be at the same school.

Poor Ian. He's probably going to wonder where everyone went. Thankfully it's only half days.

I'm eating my multi-grain bagel with turkey and cheese, my morning staple. It's packed with protein and complex carbs. It holds me for a while. If I have a bowl of cereal I need to eat again an hour later.

So Sunday I will be 26 weeks along. That's really weird to think about. That's how far I was with Samuel when I went into pre-term labor. I really don't think that's going to happen this time around. I couldn't even imagine having a newborn in 4 weeks. That's just freaky.

I saw the Ob yesterday. Everything is looking good and I've really recovered well from the surgery. I'm still on bed-rest for another week but then I should be able to drive. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with michael and ian. I'm not allowed to pick them up for a while (another 5-7 weeks). Oh boy. That means carseats, cribs, highchairs. I'm trying to figure out how to get creative. Plus they just like me holding them. I try and do it sitting down with them but it doesn't seem sufficient for them. They like to be walked around.

I've lost 20 pounds this pregnancy. Healthy eating combined with exercise (before this surgery) has contributed as well as my hormones somehow stabilize and I have no desire to overeat. It's a wonderful thing. I wish it would continue after baby comes. It's when I'm nursing I feel like I could eat the world. I get so ravenous. And then I'm so busy and tired that who really feels like eating healthy. It's tempting to just stuff whatever I can into my mouth.

Okay kids are up and begging me to make waffles. A chicken is strutting on the deck. The sun has risen. Mmmm. Good morning.


Jessica Rockey said…
Goodmorning friend... I called you this week to see how you're doing, what's up, what's down, what you need. I've been praying for you. Love you.

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