Peter Joel.

Some of you know what the baby's name is. Some of you don't. His name is Peter Joel. Mike and I named him shortly after our ultrasound appointment. We just knew it was his name.

We were waiting to make it public til he was born but I figure, "What the heck?" I mean there's other important stuff going on right now. So, well, it's secondary.

I can't wait to meet Peter but am looking forward to a full-term pregnancy. That's my prayer. I don't know how we'll handle a newborn on top of all of this but our God is full of grace and mercy and will sustain us. But I'm planning on being loopy, exhausted and emotional.

So talking with a few people lately and they asked me what they can do and I told them this.... "I want a Big-A-- Baby Shower!" Excuse me for being fresh. What I really want is to be around people who love me and are praying. I don't care about presents. I just want to eat cake and pray for Peter... and celebrate LIFE. Celebrate something good that is happening. I just want to be happy about something right now... I don't know if that makes sense :) So maybe at some point I will gather with friends and eat yummy food and smile... and probably cry.

So anyway, there's that. I'm a little bit exhausted so I'm sure I should probably NOT be online now before I start saying even weirder stuff.


Sarah said…
If you have a "baby shower", let me know when it is. I don't know that I'd be able to come down, but I'd love to enter in some how!! I am praying for you, Peter (a full term pregnancy), Samuel, Libby, Michael, Ian...and of course Mike.

question: Do you have an Ergo? I love mine. It holds up to a 40lb child.
Suzy I said…
dude! I LOVE the baby's name and I LOVE the baby shower idea!!! Absolutely this baby should be celebrated and welcomed even amidst everything.

Love you!!
Caren said…
so excited for you guys and Peter Joel :) I love the name :) Celebrate life and everything in it. I love you Jen!
YES! Another fun birthday to celebrate with you! Peter is a darling yet masculine it. Post ideas of 'baby' things you need closer to the time.
Jennifer said…
Sarah, I don't have an ergo... but I do drool over them :)


P.S.~ I will let you know! Would love to see your sweet smile!
Hannah Leilani said…
Hahaha Jen!! I freaking love you.
<3 Hans
Judy said…
I love the name! And I love anything if it's Big-A@%!! :) Still praying, Judy

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