Monday update.

Sitting and waiting for Samuel to return from his bone scan.

They will be able to do the biopsy of the tumor tomorrow. They will also be putting in a central line (also called a CVL) this will eliminate the need for IV changes and make it easier to draw blood as well as administer fluids, etc. It looks kind of weird and crazy.

They will drain some fluid from his lungs (I believe on the left side). He will also get a bone marrow draw from the back of his hips (near the spine).

We talked with Dr. Lowe today (our oncologist). The plan is for chemotherapy to start probably this Thursday.

We continue to covet your prayers.


Caren said…
Jenn, I am praying praying praying. I'm so sorry you all are going thru this. I love you all...
Ashleigh said…
Praying, praying, praying. Jennifer, we love you all!
Sarah said…
UK contingent praying too. Love and hugs to all of you... xxx

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