How to encourage.

Hey friends,

Would you mind commenting after my posts? It really encourages my heart to hear feedback from you all. Even if it's just a sentence. Please?



islanddreamobx said…
Jen, we are all in the midst of this, but we are praying for you and Mike, Lib, Ian and Michael, and, of course Samuel, constantly. I'm so glad you are ensuring you are getting rest--it's critical for you and Peter, as well.
We love you...
Dad and Mom
Caren said…
Awww...Jenn, I'm sorry. I love reading all your posts. We are praying for you...Love you!
Natasha said…
We prayed for you guys in care group tonight. Healing for Samuel, and strength and peace for you all!
Doug and Monica said…
Just wanted to let you know that we love you guys and are praying for you!!! My daughter ask each day how Samuel is doing and then proceeds to say lets pray for him right now!! We will continue!We are believing for complete healing and will be standing with during this difficult season!
Jenn said…
Jennifer, I am reading! I love you! Jenn
Sarah said…
I love your honesty. You are in my thoughts and prayers EVERY DAY!

Much Love,
you are so cute. i haven't updated my blog for a month and each time i go to it i still look for comments! love you friend and pray/think of you all daily.
Home said…
We are praying! Jack and Sam are praying hard! Jack said, "and Libby too. She really takes care of Samuel. When we play chase she always says, 'don't touch my Samuel!' "
Jessica said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica said…
I read all your posts, sometimes quite a few times each. :) I have to admit, I often leave your blog up and let your play list play over and over. I love the music you have chosen, it reminds me of you and your family and reminds me to pray. I love you my friend!!!!

P.S. I sent an email to Lori, it did come back to me as "undeliverable....."

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