Today was supposed to be a day of a lot of tests. Then they said, no, they were mistaken, it's set for tomorrow a.m.

Well, Samuel's just been put (N.P.O.-nothing by mouth, food or drink) because... drumroll please... they're trying to make it happen today :)

We just need an anasthesiologist and we'd be set. Tomorrow they're completely booked all day so here's hoping we can get this MRI done today. They'll be looking specifically at his lungs.

They will do a bone scan probably tomorrow.

Then either Tuesday or Wednesday they will do a biopsy as well as a bone marrow draw... while he's under, Thank God!!!!

He was pulled in a wagon and taken to the toy room and got to play for an hour from his wagon.

He's gotten a bunch of toys.

A special thanks to Jessica S. and family for all the spiderman gear... that boy is hooked up! We were given water, applesauce, booklight, coloring books and crayons, a Veggie Tale DVD toys, toys, toys, and balloons. It's like Christmas. He's been loving all his new things and takes turn holding the items in his hands. He actually asked if it was Christmas at one point :)

He's comfortable on the morphine. He managed to pull out his IV today... several hours of work but he did it. He's adorable trying to suck his thumb, hold his fuzzy (his special blanket) as well as not mess up his IV now.

Thanks friends for all the gifts, meals, Starbucks, and prayers. We are so blessed to be surrounded with such loving support.

Just heard, he'll be going down in about 40 minutes!


Erica said…
We just met the Grants and they posted your blog. Keeping Samuel and your whole family in our prayers.
Rebekah Judd said…
Thank you for posting this! We are praying right now, and I think it's when Samuel is in for testing. Love you!
wendy said…
Yeah for answered prayers! Jen, I am thinking of you and praying for you.

Caren said…
praying praying jenn and mike. I hope all is well and you are resting now. love you guys!

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