Being weird.

When you're on pain meds and you look and feel like crap it's amazing how weird you get.

I have all these plans, like I'm sure any other mom on the planet does, that if I were to get a chance to rest then... I would read this, watch that, take naps, etc.

But the truth is when you feel lousy you don't care. You don't do anything productive. You don't feel restful. You just feel strange... and then you find yourself taking strange pictures of yourself on photo booth.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jennifer, I just want to ask you if you have ever been in "soaking?' All it requires is a quiet place where God will speak to you. I play a soft worship song, lie on the bed and turn my palms up to receive frm the Lord. It's wonderful even if He doesn't seem to hear your heart cry. It is very healing and lots of women including me have had awesome visions. We can feel the angels moving about the room. Praying for you and yours every day . Tell me when is a good time to call and say hi to the kids?? I miss seeing them too! Love, Auntie barb

PS I found 1 set of flamingos here at Big Lots.It is half price right now ,Maybe the tea lady would like to check on flamingoes up there at Big Lots as well. If she can't find them I will send the extra one to her..

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