All is well.

All is well. We're home now. The hospital was a WONDERFUL experience. I could not have had a kinder nurse and a mid-wife from my practice was there. I felt so cared for. They were glad I came in and encouraged me to come in or call at anytime with questions or concerns. My body is mildly contracting which is not comfortable but they are NOT progressive contractions. I am not dilated or effaced. My cervix is firm, closed and shut! Praise God.

They were able to detect both babies heartbeats on the monitor and we had fun watching them on ultrasound just kicking and hanging out. They were moving so much it even got the nurse and mid-wife laughing.

There are a couple things that could be triggering the contractions. Endo-muscular skeletal stuff. The babies could be destroying my pelvic area (causing pain)... or a urinary tract infection (UTI). Did anyone know that a UTI can trigger contractions? I sure didn't... but I'm taking them a little more seriously now. They recommended a pregnancy belt to help support the weight of my growing womb. They also said I might need chiropractic care (and physical therapy).

Yet, all is well. So I guess truly we can be anxious for nothing :)

Thank you for your prayers and care. I am so grateful the boys are well and I am too. I'm at home enjoying a cup of tea. Samuel has his 6 month therapy evaluation in about 5 minutes. Thank the Lord for the simple and mundane things...




Catherine said…
Glad you're ok and that you had a good experience. Better to check things out and set your mind at ease.

Ashleigh said…
So glad everything's OK. Have been praying.
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you are doing okay and the hospital was a good experience too. I had no idea UTIs could trigger contractions. Interesting. A friend who had triplets had a pregnancy belt and said it made her feel much more supported.
Caren said…
I'm so glad everything is okay. I didnt know about the UTI's triggering contractions...drink lots of water! :) I'm praying for you all!
Ginger said…
yay! and how kind for God to make it into a fun outing! :)
Anonymous said…
Praise GOD.
I am home from Clt. and Dad gets home tomorrow you all and so very Thankful to the Lord for his wonderful Loving Kindess.
xxooxxoo to all
Anonymous said…
dehydration is another big cause of pre term contractions. Keep up the hydration :) I will keep you in my prayers

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