Large as a Barge!

I had to do this. I needed you all to see a picture of why I'm so tired and feeling so LARGE!!!! Okay, I'm 19 weeks today. I went to my dear friend and editor's blog (Ashleigh) and saw her cute pregnancy pic and thought. Ha, if I was only half that cute! Instead I want to show you why I'm feeling MONDO!

I know there's two in there but good grief, right!


Sara of Sweden said…
Hey girl!
There are 2 of them, they need some space, nothing can be more logical =0)
Love ya girl!
ps. O'boy will be on it's way soon!
Bethany said…

I imagine a fun party going on in there.
Lizzy said…
prayin' for you, girl!! hee hee (o:
Caren said…
Oh you know they're having a blast in there :) Such a cute picture...I'm praying for you! When are you moving back to VA?
Ashleigh said…
Jennifer, I'm so glad you posted a belly pic too! I love it and instantly thought, "There's the home of two sweet new little ones!" And if anyone makes any comments about your belly size (which I think looks just right), at least you really can say you're having twins. All I can do is say, "Yeah, I know I'm looking big for 14 weeks. Guess it's leftover from the last pregnancy." :-)
Wendy said…
Even feeling MONDO (as you put it) is for a good cause! Two good causes!! You go girl.
Judy said…
I think you look just right for 9 weeks... :) I'm with Bethany, I'm sure they're having a blast swishing & swirling away in there, while there is still room!

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