Kickin' it.

I love feeling the babies move. It has been many weeks of feeling fluttery type movement but it's only been recently I've been feeling good kicks. I love rubbing my tummy and feeling them respond. They are so precious to me.

Tomorrow is the big day- I am so excited to find out the twin's genders. Mike is taking the whole afternoon off to be with me. I am looking forward to some time alone with him.

Can I just brag on my husband a little... He is the BEST! I don't know what I would do without his patient love and care for me. Mike is great at caring for the kids. He gets up with them at night. He gets up in the morning and gets them breakfast. He is quick to help me change diapers, get them dressed, get us to church (or wherever we're going). He's wonderful about carrying groceries into the apartment. He's fantastic at doing dishes and picking up. He does the laundry. He makes meals. He is super man. I am so in love with him. He is my best friend with benefits :)

A lot of people look at us like when we're crazy when we're out as a family. They can tell the kids are young and I'm pregnant. I don't think I'm crazy because Mike is such a wonderful father and a husband. He is a team player and I don't feel like I'm facing this alone.

I'm not really excited about being apart at the end of my pregnancy, BUT I am grateful that he is willing to travel back on the week-ends. He really lays down his life for me and the kids. Okay, I'm crying just typing this. I just want Mike to know he's the best, because he is.

I am so excited about what our life will be like with 2 additions. Excited. Overwhelmed. And at times seriously freaked out. Yet, I know God has given me someone who will wonderfully stand by me and support me and not just hold my hand but get involved.

I've been in love with this man over 5 years and it just keeps getting better and sweeter. There is no one else in the world I would rather be with.

I am so thankful to God for the good gifts in my life. The blessing of an amazing husband, my dear children and now these two new little lives. Whenever I see babies I get all crazy and achy inside and can't believe i will have two new little ones joining us in several months. I can't wait to hold them and kiss them and call them by name. I can't wait for Libby and Samuel to enjoy being an older sibling.

I'm 20 weeks pregnant today. Yay. I'm half way there.


Ashleigh said…
Cute belly, Jennifer! :-) Congrats on being half-way there. I'm so excited you get to find out tomorrow. Let me know so I can start sewing!!!

Oh, and thanks for your email. It was encouraging. I'll write back as soon as I get a chance to sit down for more than a few minutes.
Wendy said…
Hey! I am excited too. I can't wait to hear what those little ones are inside. Do the kicks give any indication?? Karate chops or ballerina hugs...?

You do have a great husband and I have to commend your gift of encouragement to him. I haven't heard or seen a word that isn't honoring and humble, even in a struggle. You go girl.
Bethany said…
Can't wait to find out. Wow you are already half way. Seems like you just started. Time flies....when you are not the one pregnant. HEE HEE

Eat some chocolate before your appointment so they are good and hyper and moving those legs for a view
Michelle said…
I love you for your joy Jennifer. :) Call or text me tomorrow!!!
Caren said…
I cant wait to hear what they are! Have a wonderful day today! I'm so excited for you both!
Anonymous said…
hip hip horray!! -emmy
ooohh!! I can hardly wait to hear how your appointment went :) Thinking of you guys and praying for you!
Tell Mike we love the little messages he sends with our books!!! It makes me smile!
Anonymous said…
we are waiting with baited breath.......can't wait to get the call or read it on the internet.
Les said…
Can't wait to find out! I think we are due on the same day. We had the ultrasound last thurs. and it is a girl :)
Wendy said…
I second your mom's comment! I have checked twice now...

I am so excited.

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