The snow is falling so beautifully. Large, thick snowflakes. Tiny delicate ones. They keep floating or flying by the window. covering the ground with innocent white powder and landing on the tree branches coating them with winter beauty. I am loving it. I'm sitting in bed watching the snow and about to have some hot cocoa...

I'm praying it snows all day and night and that maybe Mike won't have work tomorrow and we can take the kids out in the snow and then snuggle in our big bed and watch a movie as a family.

Right now the world seems enchanting.

And then it happened..........

A friend called so I left Samuel on the bed watching cars to grab the phone. She was bringing dinner tonight. And as I'm on the phone I hear a loud CRASH!!!!!!!!!!

Samuel had knocked over my bedside table. The hot chocolate went flying. The coke went flying. The water went flying. It crashed into my bedroom door and was all over the carpet, my container of earplugs, the Maalox bottle. He broke my watch. Etc. You get the picture.

I was a wee bit frustrated. Okay, a lot bit frustrated. I was cleaning it up when I went into the living room and found Samuel with an empty container in his hand. He had opened pico de gallo (salsa) and had it all over the floor. There were 5 containers of it. He had gotten to number two. I started cleaning that up. Libby starts crying. She had fallen asleep during Cars (the movie) and was just waking up and freaking out.

Well, a side note, a friend of mine had sent me a Trader Joe's gift card and I had decided to treat myself to something special. I had bought myself a little box of chocolates. I have never bought myself a box of chocolates before and this was something of a luxury. So back to the story.

I'm holding Libby and hearing a plastic sound on the floor. Well, Samuel did have a plastic box in his hand and I assumed that was it. NO! He had gotten into my chocolates... they were all over the floor and ground into the carpet. As if this wasn't enough as I'm cleaning that up. I hear a splash. He had gotten into the toilet. He was dunking one of his toys in the toilet.

Needless to say I was in tears by the time Mike got home. What a day.

It stopped snowing a while ago and I think the enchantment broke then.

I wish it would snow again.


Michelle said…
Oh my goodness, lock that boy up! haha. No wonder you are afraid to have two more boys. :)

But he sure is cute, isn't he....

Wendy said…
I would have cried too Jen! Tears as big as the snowflakes...

But think of the stories you can tell. Just like Cynthia R.! I love it when she tells me encouraging.
Lizzy said…
"Wow" is all I can think of to say...hats off to you, Mommy Jenn! (o:

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