Our wee little adventure.

Well, I guess doing "nothing" doesn't work well in our house :)

Libby and I went out this morning and gave the boys a rest. We went to Starbucks & then to Target for sippy cups. It was a great morning. We came back to get Mike and Samuel and were off to Chick-fil-A...well, we could only make it through the drive-thru, eat in the car, and get into the movie theater to reserve seats...good thing we did...it ended up getting full quick.

I prayed through the previews that there would be nothing too scary and the movie commenced. 20 minutes later we had to leave. Samuel wanted to climb around on the stairs, not stay in our laps and Libby was begging to go home. It wasn't that the movie was bad but I think it was loud and not very "Veggie Tale-ish"...a little more mature than a 3 year old and almost 2 year old could handle.

So we got our money back and headed to ColdStone to celebrate our family day. Libby and I got in line and Mike and Samuel snatched a table. Samuel then proceeded to throw up everything he's had in the past week all over the floor, chair, and himself. We didn't stay long. Just long enough to clean up and order some ice-cream to go for libby and I to share.

So I guess there's no since of trying to do something "normal" yet. Even a movie turns into an adventure for us. Mike's washing Samuel clothes and I'm getting ready for some friends that are coming over for dinner. Maybe I should get out of my black shirt with throw-up on the sleeve...I think it's a little too modern :)


Anonymous said…
Oh My,

What an adventure. I had wanted to call and here how the movie was but you all had such an adventure.....or something there abouts. Hope you are having a lovely evening and all is well. Is Samuel feeling better??? How is Libby??? How are you all??? Love to all
Ginger said…
poor little guy. I am amazed you tried the movies with kids..you are brave, girl!

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