Tulips for Libby.

My day was okay today. I had Bible Study and the kids did well and both really enjoyed themselves. After lunch we all took a nap and I woke before the other two giving me sometime to eat a snack and think. The kids and I went out and ran some errands and then came the first trigger.

We walked into the grocery store and Libby pointed out the flowers and there they were....tulips. I took a quick breath in. It's that time of year again. When the tulips come out in the store it's the first sign to me that I'm getting closer to March.

Later as we were driving past a cemetery Libby asked one of her most frequently asked questions, "What are those?" I told her they were gravestones. I couldn't say any more about or explain what they were. Thankfully she didn't ask she just repeated, "Gravestones." A tear leaked out.

We went to Trader Joe's and their tulips were $4.99 and I couldn't resist. I picked up some beautiful white tulips and smiled.

I had made a deal with myself about a month ago. Everytime I want to buy flowers for my sister I will buy them for myself or for someone else. She's not enjoying them at her grave site...she's in Heaven with Jesus. I think she would want others to enjoy them, in fact I know she would.

So today I bought some tulips for Libby.


Kate Van said…
When I see daffodils I'm reminded of Libby- you are in my thoughts and prayers . . .
Bethany said…
What a great idea about the tulips Jenn....I think in doing that you spread the joy of her life and memory in giving them to others or enjoying them yourself. I am sure she is enjoying a field of them in Heaven
Wendy said…
I think the giving will help soothe your heart. You are one wise girl!
Billie said…
Whenever I see tulips I think of Libby too. Sometimes I am afraid to buy them because it makes me sad but I loved your idea for buying them. It would be a great idea to get them and use them as a reminder of the memories I have of Libby laughing. Your post is great and thank you for sharing with us.
Kate Thomas. said…
a dear friend sent us tulips after we lost the baby, my imediate reaction was to be sad, thinking of libby, and then i thought of her in heaven with jesus like you said, and maybe playing with our baby. I still miss her a lot. I think it is great that you buy the tulips. thanks for sharing.

love you guys!

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